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                                                                       Asia Pacific Consultants Company Limited


Our Background




Asia Pacific Consultants Company Limited (APC) was established by Dr.Chira Hongladarom, Mr.Prakit Wiriyothai, M.R. Kasemwisut Wisut, Mr.Chokdee Dechkhamhaeng and Mr.Somkid Teerasilp on


May 8, 1991.




The purpose of our company is for developing human resources from national to organizational scale with the emphasis on the impact of economic and social growth as well as learning capabilities affect upon human quality of life which is crucial to


Thailand national development.




We aim to be the consultant in management. Most of all, the company consisted of experts in the field of Human Resources, the company conducts training, consultancy and research. 








Since then the company has expanded activities in other areas mainly join projects with Orient Pacific Century (OPC) and Dr. Paul Temporal (President of Branding Asia Co., Ltd.) in Conducting Branding research. The last two big projects that APC has completed are Mittwida Branding project and Koh Chang Branding Project with Tourism Authority of Thailand Currently, the APC has submitted the project proposal to TAT for Phuket Cyberport Branding project and Branding for Department of Vocational Educational at Ministry of Education. Another Area is that APC has worked with Prof. Lehtinen from


Finland to develop expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).




We aim to provide business training and consulting for public and private enterprises in various areas such as Human Resources Development and Management, Customer Relations Management, Marketing Strategies (Branding and Survey), and Public Media Services.






                                    Why Human Resource Development is so important?






Economic crisis' impacts on Asian countries and the world in the past years reflect the risk caused by globalization. If we deeply think about it, the seriousness of impacts varies based on each country. Even the countries that are equally injured have different recovery rates.















The competitiveness in the globalization era not only relates to economic and social system of each country but also prevents and solves problems arising from globalization in the century's transition. This reflects the importance of human resource structure for the survival in globalization era.





Singapore, a country, which is not rich in natural resource, can achieve highest economic status and living standard of the world because of its continuous and high investment in human resource.






There is also no exception for Thailand. The absence from adequate and in-time human resource development will hinder the country's development. The country will lose its competitiveness because of its rising labor cost caused by the economic situation. If several sectors fail to upgrade the workers' skills, they cannot produce more technological-advanced goods and services and will lead to economic crisis.









Human resource development by giving education is a right way. However, there will be some limitations in term resource allocation and the standard. Basic management includes helping people get more access to education and bringing knowledge to create more value-added by helping people to create their own learning process which lead to process thinking, learning culture and life-long learning.















One of the problems is that Thai youths have been involving in teacher-centered process so they lack systematic learning and other related skills such as analytical skills, problem-solving skills, creativity and application of knowledge to their daily lives. Moreover, Thai people especially, youths lack opportunities of exchanging ideas and knowledge about themselves and their society.

















Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom, the Leader of Asia Pacific Consultant Company Limited's vision focuses on working by using networking. He is also strongly supported by experts such as Thai and foreign academicians and modern businessmen to produce high quality works for the society. His work emphasizes on modern organization development to excellence by capacity building, establishing the management standards, strategic planning and creating learning organizations and culture. These lead to sustainable organizational development. This is why we are called Chira Academy




Our Vision




We try to be the domestic and international leader of modern organizational development by focusing on human resource development, the most important resource of the world.








        Our Services & Products


Our Services

1.  Advisory

2.  Coaching - Training - Learning and Development Program

3.  Seminar

4.  Research

5.  Lecturing

6.  Educational Management

7.  Educational Media Production

·       Television Program / Scoop / Special Report

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